Accelerating Your Ambitions

Every organisation has ambitions – better customer relationships, game changing products, global expansion, stock pumping profits – and cloud is a primary enabler for organisations with big ambitions. Cloud is a flexible, secure, resilient, full-service infrastructure for production workloads and enterprise applications.

Benefits of Cloud
  • Save time and money managing custom in-house developed applications more efficiently: IT becomes your SaaS provider bringing cloud benefits to the existing application estate.
  • Meet all the requirements of production applications and workloads: Addresses special considerations of production workloads and applications like networking, storage and security and other delivery models like colocation, managed hosting and outsourcing.
  • Fast-track time to value: Using the cloud as infrastructure for development, testing, QA and pre-production, IT saves valuable time and resources. IT can say yes to the business more often. Swing applications through software development stages, save configurations and optimise capacity.
  • Retain customers and drive deeper relationships: Companies are building new applications that will enable more frequent interaction with their customers. Our Cloud infrastructure enables our clients to develop and deliver more applications that will engage new customers and retain existing customers. Digital call centres, marketing analytics, mobile apps leverage new channels of communication.
  • Increase operational efficiency and improve IT productivity:
    • ​Global import and export for client server images – this saves time as customer does not need to recreate custom images.
    • Unlimited OS licensing including Red Hat, Ubuntu, SLES, Microsoft and CentOS. Licensing costs are included in billing thus preventing the need for maintain separate licensing agreements.
    • Utilise Tiered storage to manage different types of data thereby reducing overall cost.
    • Asset based, usage data provides insight for better forecasting and cloud management.